Why you should be using Qlik®

Faster Time to Value

Deliver more value to the business in less time while cutting the cost of delivery.

Lower annual maintenance costs

IT resources are freed up for other strategic projects

Rapid app development

Intuitive user interface

Responsive design

Ease of use

Data transformation and integration


Flexibility allows you to quickly respond to new or changing business requirements.

Implement and upgrade without purchasing or upgrading other tools

Leverage existing data and content that exists in other vendors’ products

Complex and time consuming projects are easily and quickly accomplished

Real-time insight to changing questions and business needs


Ensure consistency, reliability, security and performance while still empowering the business.

Data governance is easier with server-side development of content

App approach easily accommodates robust data integration

Reusable metrics, dimensions, and charts

All aspects of Qlik can be secured

No need to purchase additional products for ETL