Qlik DataMarket®

Data at Your Service

Qlik DataMarket® provides a complete cloud-based data service to a large variety of external syndicated data sources via a subscription model. Access a comprehensive library of external data that is always ready-to-use to augment and cross reference your internal data to add outward context and providing deeper insights.

Ask the Right Question

Your company’s data provides insight into your products, services and customers. But is that data telling you everything you need to know? Can it help identify your target customers? Do you know if current weather conditions will delay production of a particular product? Questions like these are rarely asked until after the fact. By that time – it may be too late to alter your decisions or improve upon processes. To put it simply, you cannot optimally drive your business with just your data alone.

Trusted Data

Integrity and transparency of data is ensured from its source and right through the way to you, providing credible and trustworthy data without compromising the source and lineage of the data. A comprehensive library of proprietary and public data from a wide variety of data providers, include demographics, currency, weather, society, as well as business and economy, with more sources being added on a regular basis. Choose from the many data packages for a fixed, affordable fee.

Effortless Acquisition

Being able to access and combine data is a crucial first step to gaining insight and value from the data. Acquiring data from external sources shouldn’t be more difficult than loading from internal sources, and users of any skill level should be able to easily associate external data with their internal data.