Qlik Analytics Platform®

Building Engaging Visual Analytics

Qlik® has a simple philosophy: Visual Analytics should allow you to see the whole story within your data. Qlik®’s vision of analytics for everyone goes beyond just self-service, but also delivers for developers who are building custom analytic solutions for consumers. We don’t limit the possibilities for what the greater visualization and data driven app building community can imagine.

We collaborate with developers

Part of the Qlik Sense® family of products, the Qlik Analytics Platform® puts the power of the Qlik Associative Engine® and visualizations in the hands of application and web developers through powerful, open and modern API’s, allowing you to see the whole story within your data.

Modern and Open APIs

The Qlik Analytics Platform® APIs were built using modern standards, which are designed to work with the most up-to-date web technologies that exist today. You will have access to a set of industry standard, open, and modern programming interfaces like JavaScript, HTML5, css3 and Node, which allow you to easily create and integrate visual analytics into any application.

Direct Access to the Qlik Associative Engine®

The Qlik Associative Engine® is the second generation of the proven and patented engine technology that has powered Qlik® products for the last decade. It provides associative data indexing and dynamic calculations that empower people to naturally explore data, allowing them to see the whole story. Associative data indexing exposes relationships in complex, multi-source data sets that would otherwise be hidden in hierarchical or query-based approaches.